• Air Holes: Holes in die cutters that aid in the prevention of deformations in die cut materials by allowing the release of air from the die cavities.
  • Anvil : The surface upon which the materials to be die cut rest.
  • Automated Feed Systems: Components of certain die cutting machines that provide the continuous, automatic supply of material to the die cut machine.
  • Capacity: The widest part that can be cut on the equipment.
  • Chisel Punches: Blades located either on the die or another part of the press that produce a separation in Laser die materials.
  • Composite: A material obtained by layering and bonding with resin sheets of woven material to obtain specific characteristics and properties. The materials are not completely blended and so remain physically identifiable.
  • Deflection: Unwanted deviation from parallelism in the top die plate.
  • Die Blade: A steel blade attached to the die that performs the cutting procedure by penetrating through the die cut substance.
  • Dieboard: Steel rule die component, often consisting of plywood, in which the die blades are inserted.
  • Kevlar: DuPont’s trade name for aramid fibers that are strong, tough and stiff, have a high melting point and are used in composite construction. Kevlar is lighter, stiffer and more costly than glass fiber.
  • Kiss Cut: A die cut that penetrates the upper layer(s) of the die cut material instead of penetrating through the material.
  • Knifing: The process of fitting the steel die blades into the die board of a steel rule die.
  • Nicks: Indentations in a die rule that stop the cutting.
  • Punch: The die component that actually forms, or punches, a shape from the die cutting material.
  • Steel Rule Die: A flatbed die containing sharp blades in the die board situated in a particular line to reflect the required part design.
  • Through Cutting: Die cutting in which the die cut material is penetrated all the way.
  • Ultrasonic: A frequency usually higher than 20 kHz, which is too high to be heard by the human ear.

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